If you like alcohol and you want to lose weight it’s probably best for you to stick to spirits such as vodka mixed with a non calorie beverage (vodka diet) because beer, wine and sugary alcoholic beverages tend to be pretty high in calories.

Keep in mind that just the alcohol itself has 7 calories per gram without the calories added to it. That’s higher than carbohydrates or protein.

Usually you add stuff to the drinks and then you get an appetite swing and then the decision making process isn’t in the best state of making decisions about what should you eat.

Studies on alcohol and weight show mixed results and moderate drinking seems to be ok but heavier drinking is linked to weight gain not necessarily because all the alcohol we drink but all the crap we eat afterwards.

If you hit a fat loss plateau and you still drinking on a weekly basis it’s not physiological advantageous and not psychological adaptable to your plan. The most important thing to a plan is you have to believe in the system and you have to be consistent with the system. Your behaviour and lifestyle has to be conducive to the system if you want the best result.

If your goal is to build muscle and drop body fat and you’re going partying every weekend or you eat unhealthy and drink alcohol while watching your favourite tv show then most probably it’s not going to happen.

You have to commit to a system and set your expectations at the correct level because changing nothing changes nothing.

Create the environment that is going to support your success.

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