Too focused on dieting?

Sounds counterintuitive but diets for most people don’t work on the long term. Studies demonstrated that for people who diet, that’s actually a predictor for weight gain in the future.

Instead of approaching weight loss from the dieting mindset, your primary goal should become to be a happier, healthier and fitter person. Focus on nourishing the body instead of depriving it and let weight loss follow as a simple natural side effect of you becoming a healthier version of yourself.

Dieting is not a lifestyle. Dieting should have a start date and a stop date. You do it, you get the thing done, then you go back to eating at maintenance and be a healthier, happier person before the next time you either going in a lean mass phase or you drop back down to a dieting phase.

Some people think they need to loose weight in order to be healthy but in most cases you need to be healthy in order to loose weight.

Choose your path appropriately. 

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