Soda and sugary drinks

Sugary beverages are one of the most fattening items in the food supply. They tend to have a lot of calories in them but not provide anything in the way of actual appetite suppression.

These are a great way to take in a lot of calories and not feel full because of it. You can eat a high calorie meal and still easily have your soda or whatever drink you’re having without a problem. These aren’t necessarily unhealthy when you’re controlling your intake but for those who aren’t controlling their intake it’s a way to easy way to take in a lot of calories.

I’m not just picking on beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi but drinks like vitamin water or fruit juices classified as healthy which are loaded with sugar. These should not be taken in large amounts because a single glass contains the same amount of 2-3 pieces of fruit.

Not only they don’t provide satiety and not only they provide loads of calories per serving but you’ll find yourself having a more enjoyable diet if you don’t consume this things.

Between having 25 grams of sugar from apple juice or eating a whole apple, one is going to allow you to be a lot more comfortable in a dieting state. Satiety and fighting hunger is the biggest check mark you need to hit when trying to drop body fat.

When you can utilise foods that are going to keep you full for longer for the same total calorie load, that is a no brainer deal. 

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